Not so tough to endure

Today’s selections:
1.875pts on over 9 frames between Neil Robertson and Mark Allen at 2.1 with Bet365
0.625pts on exactly 9 frames between Neil Robertson and Mark Allen at 4.0 with Bet365

Well welcome back after an enforced cold turkey over the last week. It’s just as well that I didn’t have any surplus betting funds this week as the Masters snooker would have been a bit of a disaster with surprise result after surprise result. A lot of the snooker in truth has been dire and that’s probably being a little complementary.

Also been busy with work this week so it’s just as well that I couldn’t get involved as that would not have helped concentration knowing that i’d done my dough while trying to earn some dough.

Anyway, to today’s selection and the inspiration for the bet has come from snookerbacker’s blog (link on the right). It’s kind of a when in doubt bet on the total frames. This one really could go either way although the favourite Robertson would be my pick. However, i’m confident it will go close so the total frames bet is logical and the exactly 9 frames bit is a bit of insurance incase the match finishes 6-3 obviously anything less than that ie 6-2 and you’ve lost. The strange staking is simply because Bet365 have given me a free £50 match bet so i’ve £100 to play with and that’s how it splits up – £75 and £25. This should be a winning return to the blog.

Good luck if you’re having a punt.


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