Tough to endure

1pt four-fold featuring Southampton, Chesterfield, Northampton and Aldershot at 15.67 with Victor Chandler (loss 1pt)
Well one of the highlights of the snooker season – The Masters – starts today and I, unfortunately, have to keep the powder dry. I wasn’t paid when I was supposed to be so any surplus funds that I currently have have had to be diverted towards bills. Therefore i’m going to have to endure the agony of watching the Masters unfold without a single bet. It’s a bit like an enforced cold turkey. For the record I would have picked Ronnie O’Sullivan and Mark Williams as my outright selections (O’Sullivan has got a great draw). Watch those two playing out the final next Sunday – seriously i’d put money on it!

So that’s why i’ve not been on here much of last week along with the fact i’m busy with work and will be for most of the forthcoming week. So only a short post now but will be back with gusto towards the end of this week all being well. Good luck if you’re having a punt.


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