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New site

New tipping/blogging site coming soon!

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Red and black is back

Today’s selection:
2pts Mark Williams -1.5 to bt Jamie Cope and Ryan Day to beat Matthew Stevens at 3.17 with Paddy Power

Well welcome back. Apologies for the lack of posts but haven’t been on for numerous reasons which include heavy workload, heavy chest infection and being heavily in debt. However, heavy workload has alleviated being heavily in debt so that’s sorted while heavy chest infection has been sorted with the help of some very heavy antibiotics. So all is good in the world. The more I write the word heavy the more it looks wrong…have checked dictionary and no, it’s right.

So it’s been a bit of a frustrating time as i’ve bet very little i.e just had the odd acca here and there for amusement but otherwise i’ve been pretty much flat out with work. Now I have a little break in the workload so have had the opportunity to look at betting markets once more. My main attraction this week is the Welsh Open snooker, I have stakes on the outright in Mark Williams, Mark Allen and Graeme Dott and all survived the first round. They have tougher opponents today, or at least Allen and Dott do, so i’m not overly optimistic that i’ll come through unscathed.

I’ve gone for a double at around the 2/1 mark today which I think offers value. Mark Williams is at the top of his game at the moment and I really can’t see how Jamie Cope will get three frames against him. Therefore will go with the bigger price on the handicap. I’m doubling that up with Ryan Day who has been performing pretty well this week. He beat Ronnie 4-2 last night and admittedly this could be a case of ‘after the lord mayor’s show’ today but I don’t rate Matthew Stevens and think Day will have enough in the reserves to come through.

Now i’ve got some time i’m thinking about focusing my attentions on creating a golf/snooker and maybe football tipping website. I like the ease of blogging but I think i’d have more fun and more hits with a proper self functioning website. I might have a little think about that today. Anyway, good luck if you’re having a bet.

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Upsets on the cards

Saturday’s selections
2pts Cheltenham to beat Accrington at 2.25 with Bet365
1pt Blackpool to beat West Brom at 4.75 with Bet365
0.75pts West Ham to beat Arsenal at 7.00 with Victor Chandler
0.375pts e/w Nacarat to win the King George at 15.00 with Bet365
0.75pts Cheltenham, Oxford Millwall, Notts Forest, Ding Junhui to beat Jamie Cope at 18.68 with Bet365

Only a quick post as dashing down south to Bournemouth for a night tonight. Prices selected above aren’t necessarily the best where Bet365 are concerned as using my free bets so hence betting with them.

So to summarise, Cheltenham should win (I know i’m breaking my rule against betting on them) as they have a fully fit squad and striker Wes Thomas who’s back to his best again. Blackpool are worth a stab against the woefully out of form West Brom, Blackpool seem to be up for every match and 4.75 is too good. West Ham, may put on a real show for Avram in his last game (he shouldn’t be sacked as they were picking up recently) and at home have to be given at least a chance against the gunners, 6/1 is quite big I think.

Don’t usually tip up horses but Nacarat is good in the trends apparently so at 14/1 e/w he’s worth a tinkle. There’s also an acca for a little bit of fun too. Full update with results later tomorrow, Tottenham look a decent shout but I don’t oppose Utd very much so may not bet. Good luck if you’re having a bet.

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Not so tough to endure

Today’s selections:
1.875pts on over 9 frames between Neil Robertson and Mark Allen at 2.1 with Bet365
0.625pts on exactly 9 frames between Neil Robertson and Mark Allen at 4.0 with Bet365

Well welcome back after an enforced cold turkey over the last week. It’s just as well that I didn’t have any surplus betting funds this week as the Masters snooker would have been a bit of a disaster with surprise result after surprise result. A lot of the snooker in truth has been dire and that’s probably being a little complementary.

Also been busy with work this week so it’s just as well that I couldn’t get involved as that would not have helped concentration knowing that i’d done my dough while trying to earn some dough.

Anyway, to today’s selection and the inspiration for the bet has come from snookerbacker’s blog (link on the right). It’s kind of a when in doubt bet on the total frames. This one really could go either way although the favourite Robertson would be my pick. However, i’m confident it will go close so the total frames bet is logical and the exactly 9 frames bit is a bit of insurance incase the match finishes 6-3 obviously anything less than that ie 6-2 and you’ve lost. The strange staking is simply because Bet365 have given me a free £50 match bet so i’ve £100 to play with and that’s how it splits up – £75 and £25. This should be a winning return to the blog.

Good luck if you’re having a punt.

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Tough to endure

1pt four-fold featuring Southampton, Chesterfield, Northampton and Aldershot at 15.67 with Victor Chandler (loss 1pt)
Well one of the highlights of the snooker season – The Masters – starts today and I, unfortunately, have to keep the powder dry. I wasn’t paid when I was supposed to be so any surplus funds that I currently have have had to be diverted towards bills. Therefore i’m going to have to endure the agony of watching the Masters unfold without a single bet. It’s a bit like an enforced cold turkey. For the record I would have picked Ronnie O’Sullivan and Mark Williams as my outright selections (O’Sullivan has got a great draw). Watch those two playing out the final next Sunday – seriously i’d put money on it!

So that’s why i’ve not been on here much of last week along with the fact i’m busy with work and will be for most of the forthcoming week. So only a short post now but will be back with gusto towards the end of this week all being well. Good luck if you’re having a punt.

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What to do?

Monday selection
1pt four-fold featuring Southampton, Chesterfield, Northampton and Aldershot at 15.67 with Victor Chandler

Very sad and shocked to read yesterday that IBAS’ Chief Executive Chris O’Keeffe has died at the age of 56. I spoke to him on numerous occasions for industry news items and he was a top bloke who would do anything he could to be of help. He will be sorely missed without a doubt.

Also sad to read that Pete Postlethwaite has passed away, I didn’t speak to him on numerous occasions but never saw him put in a dud performance, amazing actor.

Anyway, suppose we’d better have a bet in tribute to them both. Low stakes high returns is the way we’re going with Chesterfield likely to have the biggest test of the four selected but at (2.6) I thought it was worth throwing them into the mix. The others should be more comfortable with Southampton in pretty good nick at the moment.

We’re planning on popping out this afternoon to look at gyms. We do this on an annual basis. Basically it revolves around us looking at three or four gyms, settling on the most expensive and attractive option (ie Esporta in our case) attending religiously for two weeks, then just going to the cafe/restaurant there for a further two weeks. Then there will be a period of about a month when we don’t go at all before finally getting a doctor’s note requesting a cancellation of the membership on health grounds.

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